Alternative Reality Challenge Immerses Learners

Caroline Bennett

Director, Learning Strategy

PharmaCertify has developed a unique learning program to compliment our off-the-shelf eLearning modules and provide ongoing training for key compliance topics.  As part of a complete culture of compliance, the Alternative Reality Challenge blended learning program is designed to immerse learners in a near-realistic, multi-media “game.” This experience challenges their understanding of the chosen compliance topics in a non-threatening, on-the-job context and provides management with insight into their employees’ ability to apply their knowledge of the compliance topics.

The learning environment for the Alternative Reality Challenge is comprised of a customized website, emails, and physical props such as receipts, expense reports, invitations, and other documents to portray a “real” situation and related events. At different points during the program, learners are required to complete self-study assignments as well as team-based activities—before, during, and after the live workshop—to decipher content and interpret the circumstances of the challenge. During the workshop phase, which normally takes place at a POA or other such event, learners are grouped into teams and work together on the challenge. At the conclusion of the workshop the teams present their reactions and analyses. Management can evaluate and gauge comprehension, immediately identify gaps, and provide additional guidance.

The Alternative Reality Challenge takes advantage of several key adult learning principles. It offers a practical, goal-oriented, and problem-centered learning environment for self-directed learning as well as team-based collaboration. It also provides learners the opportunity to bring their own work-related experiences and knowledge to the learning as it appeals to a variety of learning preferences. By addressing multiple learning principles, it maximizes the realization of your learning objectives.

PharmaCertify offers a comprehensive compliance curriculum that is easily customizable and includes off-the-shelf eLearning modules, workshop activities, and handbooks. The programs, which cover topics such as State and Federal Spend and Disclosure Requirements, On-label Promotion, and Essentials of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, feature content specifically targeted to pharmaceutical and medical device sales and marketing professionals. PharmaCertify compliance modules can be deployed on your existing learning management system or hosted on the PharmaCertify LMS.

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