Week In Review, July 1, 2011

Independence Day… the day we celebrate the Shot Heard ‘Round the World with Fireworks. Yes, the quintessential American celebration is just a few days away! Before you start “rockin’ and a rollin’; splishing and a splashing” to celebrate all things America, kick off the weekend with this week’s News Week in Review.

While it may seem like a circus sometimes, our Three Ring Government was busy this week. Over in the Executive Branch, the FTC reached a $900,000 settlement with German company Beiersdorf AG, the makers of Nivea My Silhouette skin cream. The FTC charged that the company falsely advertised that regular use of the product would result in a reduction in body size.

In the judicial branch, the judge in the landmark Lindsey Manufacturing FCPA case has called into question the behavior of the government prosecutors. It seems prosecutors neglected to provide a transcript of grand jury testimony of an FBI agent to defense. The testimony is at the center of a defense motion to dismiss the indictment due to government misconduct. The judge said both parties should file new briefs regarding the dismissal of the convictions of the Lindsey defendants.

In other judicial news, questions were raised regarding the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision striking down Vermont’s data mining law. The technology website, Ars Technica questions if the decision will have an effect on behavioral advertising, like that used by Google. Likening the use of prescriber data in product detailing to the use of browser history data being used to feed ads while on line, Ars Technica questions whether the decision set precedent that using such data is not a privacy issue.

The legislative branch’s interest in Medtronic’s financial relationship with surgeons involved in clinical trials of the company’s spinal surgery product continues to make the news this week.

Since we are celebrating our nation’s independence, it is only appropriate that we give a nod to our friends across the pond. Seeking to advance the discussion of social media, the ABPI has issued a whitepaper and its own guidance around the handling of adverse events received through social media and company sponsored websites. This comes in advance of expectations of new government guidance regarding pharmacovigilance due in 2012. Well done! Necessity is the mother of invention.

The anti-corruption topic du jour has to be the implementation of the UK Anti-bribery on July 1. While companies scramble to prepare for the Act’s implementation, questions have been raised as to whether the Special Fraud Office (SFO) will have the funding needed to enforce the new law.

Finally we bring it back home to our own anti-corruption bill turned law, the FCPA. TrustLaw reports that at a recent conference on FCPA compliance, the topic of BRIC countries posing FCPA challenges was discussed. Each country has its own business environment challenges, which can lead to potential FCPA violations. Training and documenting that training was recommended for employees and contractors a company may have working in country. As it turns out, PharmaCertify can help you with just that.

That concludes our star-spangled edition of the PC News week in review. We the people of PharmaCertify hope you enjoyed the review this week. Now go out and fight for your right for some elbow room at the beach, barbeque, fireworks viewing or other festivity of your choice!

HaHave a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

Happy 235th Birthday USA!

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