Week in Review, February 10, 2014

A device maker settles kickback charges, the Serious Fraud Office looks to beef up the UK Bribery Act, and the FDA makes plans to release more guidance on social media.

The Super Bowl, National Signing Day and the Olympics all in one week; it was a sports fan’s trifecta! Hopefully your team won the game…signed that all important recruit…or took home the early gold! As the best of the best gather in Russia and you keep track of the medal count (Canada, Netherlands and Norway are tied for the early lead), we’ll keep tabs on the world of life sciences compliance. It’s time to light the torch on this week’s News in Review.

That big curling match is about to start in Sochi, and darn it, today is the day you left home without your smartphone. No worries. According to a new study, your healthcare provider  should have one you can borrow. The study finds that the vast majority of physicians are toting smartphones and about 70% have tablets. They’re putting the devices to use in their practice with the tablets being the tool of choice for content heavy tasks.

Device maker CareFusion recently spent some time in the penalty box. The company agreed to pay $40.1 million to settle charges it concealed kickbacks to a physician and marketed its surgical prep solution for off label uses.

Serious Fraud Office chief, David Green, wants to change the rules related to the Bribery Act. Green is proposing an amendment to the Act that would subject companies to fines and blacklisting if those companies fail to prevent financial crime by their employees. The law currently has a provision whereby companies are held liable for failing to prevent bribery. Green says the new power would only be used in “exceptional cases.”

Fortunately, we can look forward to more commentary on research and drug marketing during 2014. The FDA is expected to release more guidance on the use of social media in drug marketing, and guidance on the electronic submission of promotional labeling and advertising. The OIG plans to investigate issues around the price of drugs, including whether off-label uses should be reimbursable. For more in depth expert analysis of the OIG Work Plan, check out the video released by OIG, during which representatives discuss the agencies top priorities for the year and emerging trends in combating healthcare waste.

Speaking of the FDA, the agency may be ready to step up its enforcement of the regulations prohibiting off-label promotion. At a recent conference, an attorney for Pfizer, Emily Wright, noted that the industry should expect to see an increase in enforcement in the near future. Wright made note that the FDA issued two letters related to press releases in 2012 and she expects to see more.

And finally entering the stadium (cue the triumphant fanfare)…Open Payments registration! CMS has announced that beginning February 18th, registration and data submission will commence in two phases. During the first phase (February 18th – March 31st), users can register in CMS’ Enterprise Portal, and submit corporate profile information and 2013 aggregate data. Phase two will kick off in May.

Well that’s it for this edition of the News in Review. As you marvel at the accomplishments of the world’s greatest athletes this week, don’t forget to take the time to analyze your compliance curriculum for areas that need enhanced training. PharmaCertify™ off-the-shelf modules and mobile apps offer up-to-date content on topics like, on-label promotion, good promotional practices and the Sunshine Act, where your staff needs it most–in the field and at their fingertips.

Have a gold medal week everyone!

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