Week in Review, May 5, 2014

UCLA settles with a surgeon over conflicts of interest, CMS announces a timeframe for Phase 2 of Open Payments data submission, qui tam lawyers pour through the recently released Medicare payment data and PhRMA weighs in on simplifying product warning information.

Not so long ago in a galaxy…well, right here…the greatest achievement in cinema was celebrated (yes, we’ll admit it, we’re often given to hyperbole). With all due respect to Bogie and Bacall and Orson Welles, we’re of course referring to this past weekend when the Fourth of May was with us, and we celebrated Star Wars Day. Then, on Monday we had to deal with the Revenge of the Fifth. Rather fitting don’t you think? If Star Wars isn’t your particular cup of blue milk, feel free to jump right to the earthly compliance news of the week with this issue of the News in Review.

10,000 credits in advance may get you a ride on the Millennium Falcon, but it took 10 million dollars to settle a retaliation suit between a UCLA surgeon and the University of California Board of Regents. The surgeon, who was head of the orthopedic surgery department, raised concerns about physicians’ financial relationships with medical device companies. He claims his complaints were ignored and he was then denied patient referrals and prevented from participating in grants. In settling, UCLA claims it chose “to end a prolonged conflict and permit UCLA Health Sciences to refocus on its primary missions of teaching, research, patient care and community engagement.”

Open Payments: Episode 2, coming soon to an industry company near you. CMS has announced that applicable manufacturers can expect Phase 2 of Open Payments data submission to be open late May or early June. During Phase 2, applicable manufacturers and GPOs should:

  • Register any authorized officials not registered during Phase 1
  • Complete the registration for entity and the authorized official (supplemental information is required)
  • Verify entity profile information is correct
  • Upload, verify and attest to accuracy of payment data

Additional roles within the Open Payments system may also be assigned during Phase 2. CMS is preparing tutorial videos to assist applicable manufacturers and GPOs with implementation.

Qui tam lawyers have been mining the recently released Medicare payment data almost as aggressively as the Empire mined the Tibanna gas mines at Bespin (wow, we went full out geek there). The organization known as Taxpayers Against Fraud has lawyers pouring through the data looking for physicians who prescribe high numbers of a particular product. Obtaining this type of data previously required a subpoena. Is this a foreshadowing of what to expect once Sunshine data is released? Sunshine data might be used to demonstrate alleged instances of kickbacks, or infer that a company is involved in off-label marketing when a physician’s specialty doesn’t align with the approved use of a product.

They may not be well-liked by the hard core fans, but the Ewoks certainly proved the power of “keeping it simple.” Seriously, a bunch of teddy bears held off the Empire with rocks and logs! PhRMA appears to share this simplicity sentiment when it comes to the warnings in DTC ads. When the FDA asked for comments regarding a study focused on whether simplified warning information would help patients better understand the risks, PhRMA didn’t hesitate to voice its opinion. The organization believes shorter or less-complex warnings would help patients understanding the risks and motivate patients and healthcare providers to seek additional information about the drug.

With Phase 2 of Open Payments registration and data submission about to begin and the data publication expected not too far in the distant future, the Sunshine Act is burning brighter than the two suns of Tatooine. Make sure your team understands the nuances of the law The Sunshine Act: The Federal Physician Spend and Disclosure Law from the PharmaCertify™ suite of off-the-shelf eLearning modules.

Well folks that brings us to the end of this episode. Have a great week, and may the Force be with you!

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